Introducing The First Answer Quiz

Boasting charismatic hosts and interactive multimedia based trivia, the First Answer Quiz is Perth’s newest and most exciting quiz option for your next trivia night.

Our experience has taught us that quizzes that are too easy are boring and quizzes that are too hard are frustrating, so the First Answer Quiz goes to great lengths to prepare questions that strike the right balance for your audience.

Our trivia events promote a fun, relaxed and entertaining environment by bringing people together from all walks of life with varied knowledge, interests, strengths and abilities.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional and experienced hosts
  • Well researched questions
  • A wide variety of categories & interests
  • Interactive multimedia presentations
  • Tailored questions to suit your needs
  • Over 10,000 quality quiz questions
  • Homegrown Perth-based trivia company

Meet your Quizmasters

Having been involved in trivia nights in various capacities over the years, we know what works and what doesn’t. We provide an easy and affordable solution to take the stress out of organising a fun and entertaining quiz night. Our team has the skills, knowledge and technical expertise to make your event a roaring success.


Researcher & Developer

Ever since Evan was a kid he has always been interested in asking ‘why’, combine that with ‘who’, ‘how’ ‘where’ and ‘when’ and you have all the elements of a great quizmaster.

With a background in Digital Marketing and Psychology and over 3 years experience applying his trade in the tech industry, Evan has a keen interest in how new technologies influence our everyday lives.

He is pretty handy in the field of ‘random facts you could only ever use at quiz nights’ and enjoys music, entertainment and sports based trivia. Try to stump him at some AFL trivia if you dare.


Quizmaster Extraordinaire

From playing tree #4 in his preschool performance, to playing Mozart in ‘Amadeus’ for his year 12 production, Nathan has always enjoyed being in the spotlight.

Nathan has MCed quizzes at a number of pubs around Perth and for the last 4 years Nathan has lectured and tutored for the units New Media Technologies, and Media Law & Ethics at Murdoch University.

He considers himself as someone who ‘knows a little about a lot’ but is particularly interested in Pop Culture and is a sports buff who not only loves footy & cricket but will also confidently challenge even the biggest American NBA and NFL fans!


Programming & Audio / Visual

Jared has always been interested in computers and has built, coded and tinkered with them since his uncle gave him an Apple IIc at age 4.

With nearly 10 years of experience in the IT industry and multiple computing degrees, Jared is the genius behind the coding of the First Answer Quiz’s unique database and multimedia generation.

Jared loves discussing and debating both movies and modern TV at length and will happily take on a fellow gamer in any game of their choice.

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